CD66 - Heavy Duty Foaming Scum Remover


This product is a heavy duty, ready-to-use cleaner that is chemically designed to remove heavy soap scum, body and tanning oils, mineral deposits, and other soils found in showers, tubs, and other hard surfaces . This formulation contains organic acids, powerful cleaning agents, quaternary ammonium chlorides, plus a special "power booster" ingredient not found in competitive formulations. Designed for ceramic tile, Fiberglas®, stainless steel, and chrome, this product produces a rich clinging foam that allows for maximum cleaning contact time on vertical surfaces. In addition to its superior cleaning ability, this product eliminates odors as it cleans. Use of this product increases the level of sanitation in shower rooms, locker rooms,  restrooms, and other areas where soap scum, oils, and mineral deposits are present.
  • Powerful - Contains acids, cleaning agents, quaternary ammonium chlorides, plus a power boosting ingredient not found in competitive formulations.
  • Removes heavy soap scum, body oils, sun tanning oils, mineral deposits, and other tough soils from showers, bathtubs, and other restroom surfaces .
  • Foaming action allows for longer contact time and maximum penetration of tough soils. Increases the level of sanitation in shower rooms, locker rooms, and other restroom areas.
  • Ready-To-Use- No mixing or measuring required.



Technical Data Sheet PDF: 



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