• Patented flip lip-up head design for simple and easy brush and pad changes - no crawling underneath
  • Fully adjustable handle make the machine comfortable to use for any operator
  • Large tank capacities ensure great productivity
  • Three position adjustable pad pressure allows for scrubbing or stripping
  • Excellent water pick up dries the floor like no other
  • LED output control panel ensures operator knows the status of the vacuum , water flow , brush and batteries at all times and it even has an hour meter
  • Stainless steel chassis will never rust
  • Structural foam brush deck is rust proof, durable and carries a 10 year warranty
  • Semi parabolic squeegee with polyurethane blades pivots to give you efficient water recovery on turns and is easily removed for cleaning
  • Comes with a safety key so it can stored or charged anywhere and will not operate with it removed
  • Pad assisted operation

    Battery Features
  • 100% gelled electrolyte battery system which means they are spill-proof, sealed and require no maintenance except recharging
  • No acid will spill due to improper maintenance or handling - no emergency spill kit needed
  • Minimal hydrogen gas given off when charging , can be charged anywhere without special ventillation
  • Explosion proof - safest battery available anywhere
  • No battery terminal corrosion
  • Battery charging system is on-board and is fully self diagnostic so that charging can be executed anywhere and prevents overcharging and overdischarging of the batteries, adding to their life
  • Use it, clean it, plug it in to charge, leave it alone
  • So compact, so easy to use, for anyone

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 



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