Residual Insecticide

GARBACIDE is a residual insecticide that contains Baygon®, which is a powerful chemical ingredient that provides fast killing power. This product is effective against insects that are resistant to certain chlorinated hydrocarbon and phosphate insecticides. The residual killing. power of GARBACIDE lasts up to two weeks when used indoors. It is designed for use in food processing plants, warehouses, restaurants, motels and industrial plants .

INDOOR USEAnts Silver Fish Cockroaches Crickets Water Bugs Spiders Scorpions Brown Dog Ticks 
OUTDOOR USEAnts Brown Dog Ticks Flies Crickets Earwigs Fleas Mosquitos Clover Mites
This ready to use insecticide may be applied with either power operated or hand sprayers. It is designed to be used as a surface spray and should never be used as a space spray . See actual product label for specific use directions .

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 



6-1 Gallon


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