This product eliminates heavy industrial grease in grease traps. pipe lines. septic tanks. tilter,beds without harm to aerobic oxidation or anaerobic digestion. 

Directions NEW SEWAGE SYSTEMS - This product is especially helpful for use in relatively new sewage systems . Normally these systems ore operated at only a traction of capacity with the result that the sewage flows at such a slow rate in the lines that it becomes septic before it reaches the disposal plant. To combat this. blend one or two parts of this product into each million parts of sewage at the pumping station along the pipe line. SPACE ODOR CONTROL - Rendering plants may use this product successfully to overcome the serious odor problems that are characteristic of the industry. It may be used in concentrations as low as 1% for the general cleaning and odor control of plants. This product cleans and controls odors from floors.  equipment and the containers used by the collection of meat scraps.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 



6-1 Gallon


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