KNOCKOUT - Non-selective weed killer and semi-soil sterilant.

This liquid herbicide is composed of Bromacll and 2,4-D ester in a petroleum based vehicle. It gives the familiar results, but no longer contains the pentachlorophenol currently banned by EPA. Insolubility of the herbicide In water minimizes leveling of pesticide into the ground . The unique oil vehicle selected only after extensive research, combines the important properties with the ability to rapidly penetrate waxy vegetation. The 2,4-D in combination with Bromacil results also in broadleaf and
grass root kill as well as extended residual control.
This product Is a highly effective, persistent, nonselective, general herbicide for extended control of a wide range of undesirable weeds and grasses. It Is not recommended for cropland areas. This product offers positive results when used as directed In such areas as Industrial yards, Institutional yards, Industrial yards, buildings, tank farms, storage areas, bridges and pipelines. Application of this herbicide Is recommended wherever weeds or grasses Interfere with drainage, create a fire hazard or present an unsightly appearance. It should be applied after the most predominantweeds have emerged . It Is to be used as Is, with no agitation required. Maximum results and minimum spray time will be accomplished when carefully following label directions. The elimination of mixing or diluting the chemical with water results in considerable savings In labor and application costs.


Technical Data Sheet PDF: 



6-1 Gallon


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