Tangerine Iodophor Disinfectant

ONE STEP CLEANING AND DISINFECTING: This product may be used to clean and disinfect operating areas, patient rooms, ftoors, walls, counter tops, restrooms, shower areas, refuse containers, bed frames,morgues, laboratories, cafeterias, commetcial freezers, animal rooms, cages and other hard, non-porous surfaces. Using a solution of 3 ounces of IODOPHOR DISINFECTANT per 1 gallon of warm water (68"F, 20"C or warmer), immerse objects in disinfecting solution, or apply with a mop, sponge or brush. Allow a 10 inute contact time with disinfecting solution. For efficacy against Canine Parvovirus. allow a 120 minute contact.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, Click the .pdf file located on this page.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 



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