Peach Dry Spray Micro Mist Air Freshener

New technology air freshener provides instant deodorization and continuous odor control. Completely effective in combating and counteracting all types of malodors in the air or on surfaces/fabrics. Spray particles penetrate and chemically eradicate odors, even those trapped in fibers. Quickly travels throughout the room or area being treated.

  • Neutralizes and eliminates tobacco smoke, cooking, mildew and musty odors
  • Finely atomized spray provides 100% vaporization of fragrance
  • No messy droplet fallout- stays airborne after spraying
  • Totally dry- will not wet or stain fabrics or surfaces
  • Leaves the air smelling fresh and clean long after spraying

For more details and technical data on this product, click the PDF file located on this page, below.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 

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