BRITE-N-UP Floor Buffing Spray

Now for the first time, a spray buff that is compatible with all floor finishes. The sparkling transparent color is the first thing you may notice about BRITE-N-UP. However, this is just the beginning of a totally new conept in spray buffing. A fine mist in front of a conventional or high speed floor machine produces a mirror gloss in just half the time of normal spray buff products. Not only will it take you less time to spray buff an area, you will enjoy the pleasant floral fragrance created when using the spray buff system.

Use on all types of floors where spray buffing is a routine maintenance program. BRITE-N-UP is compatible with all types of floor finishes and can be diluted with water for a mop on application. Once floor has dried, buff with a conventional or high speed machine.

For more details and technical data on this product, click the PDF file located on this page, below.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 



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