South Georgia State College Symposium on New Floor Care Technology

South Georgia State College Symposium on New Floor Care Technology - See Administrators & Staff from Universities, Colleges and Hospitals give first hand accounts on the effectiveness and money savings generated in their institutions by using new technology. South GA State college receives a plaque recognizing documented money savings of over $125,000 since 2008.


This all purpose cleaner/degreaser is environmentally friendly and is formulated with raw materials derived from natural, sustainable resources that quickly remove everyday soils and stains, breaking them down and then neutralizing the unpleasant odors

TEMP - Tile Enamal Metal Porcelain Cleaner

TEMP - Tile Enamel Metal Porcelain Cleaner from Globe will remove any mark or stain from these surfaces.

ZING Floor Care System - Floor Repair with NO Stripping

Has your floor lost it's shine or luster? WAIT! You don't have to strip your floor to get back it's shine. This video will show you how to restore your VCT tile and terrazzo floors using ZING FLOOR PREP & ZING CPC without having to do any floor stripping.

The ZING Floor Care Maintenance Program - HD

Over 67% of all the dirt that comes into a building comes in through a door. We show you how to control the dirt starting at the door, and continue throughout your building using the ZING Floor Care Maintenance Program. This video tutorial will show you how to keep and maintain beautiful floors without stripping all while saving you huge amounts of time and money.

The Zing Carpet Care System Tutorial

Having great looking, clean carpet is not hard to achieve when the right tools for the job are understood and used properly. In the easy, step by step tutorial, we show you the tools of the Zing Carpet Care System and how to implement them.

Eliminate Floor Stripping with Floor Prep

Eliminate Floor Stripping with Floor Prep

See how millions of dollars are saved on floor care by companies and organizations who are already using a revolutionary product called FLOOR PREP that eliminates the need to ever perform floor stripping.

Cafeteria Cleaning - Cleaning Tables and Booths

Cleaning Tables & Booths

In this short video tutorial, courtesy of the CPI Company, we will take you through the easy steps of properly cleaning tables in booths in cafeterias, or any other large eating areas. The trick of course is to utilize the right tools and follow a few simple steps to enjoy great results everytime!

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