WEEDZOUT - Concentrate water based weed killer

Economic Control of weeds has been a universal problem for many years. Weeds create fire hazards. Dead and dried weed growth is highly flammable. Weeds increase metal corrosion (around pipelines) and wood decay by holding moisture. Weeds can also provide breeding places for rodents and insects around buildings. Most importantly, weeds interfere with the look that has become so important in presenting a good public image. Now, you have a product to control the many problems that weeds can cause. Season-long control is achieived without the work and trouble of cutting and mowing. One gallon of concentrate diluted with 10 parts water will effectively treat up to 750 square feet. 

This product is extremely desirable in areas where fire hazards are a concern. It's water solubility provides for non-flammable application. Ideal for use around industrial sites, arsenals, oil tank farms, refineries, and lumber yards .

In addition to eliminating mowing and trimming, its ease of application further reduces labor costs. Can be applied through conventional sprayers.

Conscientious professional handling should be exercised and label instructions should always be followed explicitly.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 



6-1 Gallon


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