Designed to maintain high traffic areas where finish breakdown occurs first. It opens the pores of the top 2 coats of finish, lifts the dirt out and seals the pores without removing the finish. (This is Not a Stripper). Floor Prep is designed to take the place of all floor cleaners. Floor Prep is to be used at 2 oz. per gallon in cold water any time you mop or scrub your floors. Penetrates, suspends, encapsulates and strips away surface and embedded dirt without removing the coating/finish. Floor Prep contains Zing CPC (Cleaning and Polishing Compound) to prevent surface and stuck dirt from becoming embedded. Helps eliminate the need for stripping. Floor Prep opens the pores of the floor finish 2 to 4 coats deep, removes the embedded dirt without removing the finish.

Packaged: 6 x 1 qt. bottles with 1 trigger sprayer and (1) 8 oz. measuring cup - 27-189A1-6 - Wt. 14 lb. 
    Coverage per Quart: 1,050 sq. ft.

Packaged: 4 x 1 gal. bottles with 1 silk screened qt. bottle with, - 27-189A1-4 - Wt. 36 lbs.
1 trigger sprayer and (1) 8 oz. measuring cup per case.
    Coverage per Gallon: 38,400 sq. ft.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 



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