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CLAX Magic Multi Stain Remover

CLAX Magic Multi Stain Remover

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Product Description:
Clax® Magic Multi is a stain remover designed for the effective removal of most common types of stains such as nail polish, tar, lipstick, mascara, and gum.

Product Specifications:
- Scent: Surfactant
- Packsize: 6 x 32 oz./946 mL Squeeze Bottles
- Catalog Dilution Ratio Range: RTU
- Color: Straw
- Ph Concentrate: 8.9

Features and Benefits:
- Formulated with a ready to use blend of solvents and other cleaning components to effectively remove most common types of stains
- Extends linen lifetime by reducing the need for rewash
- Highly concentrated to limit the impact on the environment
- Ready, easy and safe to use
- Can also be used as a component of a laundry reclaim process or as a detergent booster


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