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CPC Green, The Original Cleaning & Polishing Compound for Floors

CPC Green, The Original Cleaning & Polishing Compound for Floors

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Product Description:
CPC (Cleaning and Polishing Compound) replaces spray buff, wet restoration products and procedures. Designed to enhance, protect and extend the life of any floor finish. Apply CPC each time the floor is burnished, using any speed machine. For quickest results, use machines 1500 + RPM including propane. CPC is transparent and leaves a non-slip, dust free, non-yellowing, mark resistant film that prolongs re-coating cycles and the life of floor pads. Consistent use of CPC has been proven to save 50-70% on labor, 30% on material costs and helps eliminate stripping. When CPC burnishing, use Only One Green for repairing high stress areas that cannot be repaired with normal mopping and scrubbing.

Product Specifications:
- Appearance of Product: White cream
- Odor: Pleasant
- Appearance of dried film: Colorless, transparent
- Active content: 60%
- Removability: Auto-reversible (each coat removes the
- previous)Slip resistance: Exceeds ASTM standards
- Black mark resistance: Excellent
- Cleaning ability: Excellent
- Gloss after burnishing: Superior

- Transparent
- Self-Removing
- GREEN Certified
- Increases life of finish
- Reduces labor up to 70%
- Exceeds ASTM standards
- Increases life of floor pads
- Eliminates dust and powdering
- Eliminates spray buff and restorers
- Works with all speed floor machines
- Creates a protective shield against dirt

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