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Crystalize SP Liquid Extraction Detergent & Pre-Spray

Crystalize SP Liquid Extraction Detergent & Pre-Spray

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  • Brand: Glob Product Dev
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Product Description:
Crystalize SP is a concentrated, liquid carpet extraction and pre-spray detergent. Crystalize SP can be used in steam cleaners, extraction machines and bonnet cleaners for superior cleaning with technology that helps prevent re-soiling. When carpets are cleaned with this product, tiny crystals are formed which absorb the dirt and soils. The crystals can be easily vacuumed after drying of the carpet. Crystalize SP does not leave any sticky residue on the carpet fibers!

Product Specifications:
- Appearance: Yellow liquid
- Scent: Lemon
- pH: 9.0
- Weight, per U.S. gallon: 8.6 lbs.
- Specific gravity: 1.03
- Viscosity: Thin
- Foam: None
- Flashpoint: None
- Emulsification: Excellent
- Rinsability: Excellent
- Stability: Excellent
- Solubility: Complete
- DOT shipping: Non-hazardous

Features & Benefits:
- Helps resist carpet re-soiling
- Concentrated product may be reduced with water
- Ideal for heavy duty commercial cleaning
- Great for use on all types of carpet

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