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Dust Control, Loose Dirt Remover

Dust Control, Loose Dirt Remover

  • Item #: 33-285A
  • Brand: Glob Product Dev
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Product Description: 
Dust Control is a unique GREEN certified formulation that meets environmental standards for safety in
application for treating dust mops and entrance carpet mats. Designed for treating dust mops and
entrance carpet mats to enhance their ability to trap and hold loose dust and dirt. Fortified with Zing CPC
(Cleaning and Polishing Compound) to increase the life expectancy of your coating/finish and maintain
a safe walking surface.

Product Specifications:
- Appearance of Product: Off white
- Odor: Pleasant
- Safety: Excellent
- Flocculation: Excellent
- Shelf life: 1 year minimum

- Water based
- Non-Slippery
- GREEN Certified
- Contains Zing CPC
- Will not soften floor finish
- Controls loose dust & dirt
- Increases life of floor finish
- Flocculates all loose dust & dirt

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