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Floor Prep Green, Floor Cleaner and Embedded Dirt Stripper

Floor Prep Green, Floor Cleaner and Embedded Dirt Stripper

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  • Brand: Glob Product Dev
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Product Description:
Zing FLOOR PREP was designed to be used to clean and restore your floor without the need to completely strip and re-coat your floor. FLOOR PREP can be used to deep-clean and restore a high stress areas. FLOOR PREP will loosen and remove ground in dirt from your floor or floor finish without removing the finish.
Green Certified

Product Specifications:
- Appearance of Product: light amber
- Odor: Pleasant
- Appearance of dried film: Colorless, transparent
- Active content: 29%
- Cleaning ability: Excellent
- Penetration: 2 coats
- Shelf life: 1 year minimum

- CPC Fortified
- Self Removing
- GREEN Certified
- Will not remove the floor finish
- Prevents continuous stripping
- Works with all speed machines
- Removes “Ground-In Dirt” from the floor finish without removing the floor finish
- Hardens the existing floor finish to resist future soil penetration.
- Treats all floors with TLC (Tender, Loving Care)

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