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SaniClean, Heavy Duty Concentrate

SaniClean, Heavy Duty Concentrate

  • Item #: 01694-C4001-GLB
  • Brand: Kor-Chem
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SaniClean is a highly concentrated blend of surface-active agents that works to not only to mask malodors, but actually destroys the odor producing source. SaniClean is formulated with biodegradable components that encapsulate and neutralize odors from organic matter, thus eliminating the root cause of any noxious odors. It is effective as a fine spray or mist and will attack even the most volatile malodors, including smoke damaged areas. Even though the active agents are virtually odorless, a pleasant fragrance is added merely as an easily identifiable indication that the SaniClean is present and being applied. Spray SaniClean anywhere malodors are a problem.

Product Specification:
- Appearance: Clear liquid
- Scent: Jasmine
- pH: 9.5
- Weight, per U.S. gallon: 8.3 lbs.
- Specific gravity: 1.0
- Viscosity: Thin
- Foam: Low
- Flashpoint: None
- Deodorizing: Excellent
- Rinsability: Excellent
- Stability: Excellent
- Solubility: Complete
- DOT shipping: Nonhazardous

Features & Benefits:
- Eliminates Odors – SaniClean chemically neutralizes odor source, not just a masking fragrance
- Long Lasting – Leaves a pleasant fragrance that enhances and refreshes areas
- Multi-Purpose – SaniClean can be applied anywhere malodors are a problem
- Concentrated – Provides excellent use dilution for most economical use
- Fast Acting – Saves labor while promoting a clean environment


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