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Indulgence Foaming Hand Soap

Indulgence Foaming Hand Soap

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Product Description:
Indulgence Foaming Hand Soap is a foaming hand soap that features Aloe and Vitamin E. It is red in color and has a fruity floral fragrance. It will eliminate a wide variety of germs while being gentle on hands.

Product Specifications:
- Color: Medium red
- pH use dilution: 6.0-6.9
- Scent/Odor: Fruity floral
- Phosphorus content: 0.0%
- Character: Clear, non-viscous liquid
- Certifications: Green Seal™
- Foam: High

- Concentrated formula
- Pleasant fruity floral scent
- Contains aloe and vitamin E

- Extremely low use cost
- Leaves hands smelling fresh
- Leaves hands soft and smooth

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