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Ocean Breeze Longer Lasting Odor Control

Ocean Breeze Longer Lasting Odor Control

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Product Description:
This long-lasting, concentrated, water soluble liquid deodorizer neutralizes odors caused by urine, smoke, vomit, spoiled food, and much more. Perfect for use anywhere odors are a problem such as homes, boats, cars, bathrooms, drains, odors in kitchens, garbage bins, on fabrics, nursing homes, childcare facilities, gyms, prisons, etc.

This product may be used with carpet and upholstery solutions, and as a combination general hard surface cleaner and odor counteractant.

Features and Benefits:
- Product may be applied with a trigger sprayer, electric atomizer (fogger), or pump-up sprayer
- For immediate relief, spray as needed in a fine mist near the source of the odor
- Clean the are with a dilute solution of this product as instructed on bottle


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