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Oxy Encap Pro

Oxy Encap Pro

  • Item #: 134104
  • Brand: Harvard Chemical
  • Type: Floor Sealer

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OXY ENCAP PRO is the latest addition to our line of encapsulating cleaners. This product combines a highly effective hydrogen peroxide detergent blend with a special crystallizing polymer. The crystallizing polymer micro‐ encapsulated soil particles and will not reattach to the carpet fiber. Encapsulated residue that is left in the carpet following cleaning can be extracted from the carpet during the routine post‐vacuuming process. No rinsing is required. This product adds OXYGEN to the cleaning to loosen protein based soil and is effective at removing blood, coffee, chocolate, red wine, urine stains, browning, food stains, and more. Safe for wool.

Product Specification:
- Appearance: Clear Liquid
- Odor: Slight Lavender
- Specific gravity: 1.03
- pH: 7 - 8
- Detergency: Excellent
- Flammable: No

- Dries to a crystalline solid
- Oxygen in formula removes tough stains
- Quickly breaks down stubborn dirt, grease, and oil
- Low Moisture, carpets are back in service quickly
- Prevents fiber re‐soiling from sticky residues
- Prevents “wick back” of spots
- Safe on 5th generation carpets


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