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Re-Nu Enzyme Active Presoaking Detergent

Re-Nu Enzyme Active Presoaking Detergent

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Re-Nu is a highly concentrated institutional enzyme presoak and detergent. It readily removes “bleach-proof” stains from hand or machine washable fabrics. It is completely color-safe but is not for use on silk or woolen fabric. The enzymatic-action of this product quickly attacks and removes such stains as blood, chocolate, coffee, fruit juice and other protein food soils. It is compatible with all sewage systems.

Product Specification:
- Color: White with brown specks
- Scent/Odor: None
- Character: Granular powder
- Foam: Moderate to low
- pH Use Dilution: 10.5 - 11.5
- Phosphorus Content: 6.3%
- Approvals: None


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