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Surety™ MightyMix Neutral Cleaner

Surety™ MightyMix Neutral Cleaner

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Product Description:
Neutral Cleaner is formulated with a detergent system that provides the performance of a general purpose cleaner. This product is pH neutral so it won’t damage or dull the shine of the floor finish. Neutral Cleaner is safe for use on most floor types and washable surfaces. It does not require rinsing on non-food contact surfaces and can be used in buckets, spray bottles or in automatic scrubbing machines. Not for use on food contact surfaces.

Product Specifications:
- Color: Teal/Blue
- Scent/Odor: Floral
- Character: Clear, non-viscous liquid
- Foam: Low
- pH Use Dilution: 6.0 - 7.0
- Phosphorus Content: 0.0%
- Approvals: Green Seal

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