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Sani-Tabs Multipurpose Sanitizing Tablets

Sani-Tabs Multipurpose Sanitizing Tablets

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Sani-Tabs are easy to use, simply use 1 tablet per gallon of water to accurately and easily prepare your sanitizing solutions at the proper concentrations. The tablets dissolve in water producing a distinct, clear, pale blue sanitizing solution that is long lasting and usually remains effective all day. Solutions are non-irritating to the hands, non-corrosive to metals, non-staining and odorless. The convenient tablets eliminate the handling and storage of bulky sanitizers; end guesswork in measuring and prevent loss from breakage, spillage or waste.

Product Specification:
- Color: Light blue
- Scent/Odor: None added
- Character: Tablet
- Foam: Low
- pH Use Dilution: 7.0 - 8.0
- Phosphorus Content: 0.0%
- Approvals: NSF
- Registrations: EPA


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